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Topic B7. 5: Learning from


Why research natural environments?

Are we all destroying the environment? Can the planet continue to support its developing human population? We are part of mother nature, but were using organic resources too rapidly. By learning nature we can learn to live in a eco friendly way.

twenty four

Stone statues (Moai) of Easter Isle in

an empty landscape.


The Science

In nature, nutrients, gases, and food go from species to types in a cycle. Very little is wasted and so there is no polluting of the environment. Humans have changed this kind of closed loop. All of us use normal resources to manufacture products such as daily news, computers, and cars. All of us alter ecosystems, destroy animals, and develop a lot of waste materials. We are harmful the life support systems we depend on.

Ideas about Research

Science offers provided fresh technologies that help all of us to grow more foodstuff and harvesting more fish and wood. These possess enhanced the caliber of life for many but have likewise had damaging effects within the environment. We should find option, sustainable strategies before too much damage is completed. Decisions about the fermage of creatures should be well guided by ethics and intercontinental regulation.

A variety of organisms in their ecosystems.



4A Linear and closed-loop devices

Find out about

thready and closed-loop


normal ecosystems since

closed-loop devices

Key words

linear system

environmentally friendly

closed-loop program



Linear devices

Easter Island was suitable for farming and filled with trees, but the people who lived there cut down the forest without ensuring that new trees and shrubs grew. Consider the photo on-page 48 to view what it is like now.

How could we prevent the fate from the people of Easter Tropical isle? Most of us are in a ‘take–make–dump' society. We take natural assets from our environment, make them in to products, then dump the waste. This kind of linear system is not sustainable. It can simply continue for the short time before issues go wrong mainly because:

• fossil fuels, such as oil, are running away

• organic resources such as timber, clean air, fresh water, agricultural soil,




and seafood stocks are being used more quickly than they are

staying replaced

making products utilizes a lot of energy from non-renewable fuels, and makes a lot of waste materials

waste as well comes from broken and worn out products that individuals

throwВ away

waste can be harmful to people and wildlife, and can stay in the planet for a long time

spend means uncommon resources such as metals are spread thinly around the environment, so that they can't be reused easily.



one particular Explain in your words

whatever you understand simply by

the term ‘sustainable'.

Natural closed-loop systems

a couple of Explain for what reason linear devices

for making items end

plan toxic squander and

destruction of normal


a few Suggest what sort of

manufacturing system can

become more sustainable

simply by copying organic

closed-loop devices.

4 Offer two main reasons why our

present way of life can be

not environmentally friendly.

5 Explain why oxygen is

taken up by a lot of

organisms and lost by simply

others, within a natural



Character works in closed-loop devices. A closed-loop system has no waste. Result from one section of the system becomes the suggestions for another part, so X's waste turns into Y's meals. For example , flower waste, including dead leaves, is enjoyed by snails. Faeces by snails is usually broken down by simply microorganisms (bacteria and fungi). Microorganisms relieve nitrogen and phosphorus from the faeces. Nitrogen and phosphorus are adopted again by simply plants. Chemical compounds go around in a cycle and nothing is thrown away. Natural closed-loop systems are ecosystems. Examples of ecosystems contain lakes, woodlands, grasslands, beach locations, and coral formations reefs. In all of the of these environments there is a community of microorganisms interacting with the nonliving aspects of their habitat.

Each species has its own task in the ecosystem. It could be a plant, herbivore, carnivore, decomposer, or...

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