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Precisely Your Global Perspective?

• Parochialism -- viewing the earth solely through your own perspectives, leading to an inability to acknowledge differences between people. • Ethnocentric Attitude - the parochialistic belief that the ideal work methods and techniques are those of the home region.

Management, 11th Edition by simply Stephen S. Robbins & Mary Coulter

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More Global Views

• Polycentric Attitude - the view that the managers in the host region know the best work strategies and methods for working their business. • Geocentric Attitude -- a world-oriented view that focuses on making use of the best strategies and people via around the globe.

Administration, Eleventh Release by Stephen P. Robbins & Jane Coulter

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Types of International Businesses

• Multinational Corporation (MNC) - a diverse term that refers to any and all types of international corporations that maintain operations in multiple countries. • Multidomestic Corporation -- an MNC that decentralizes management and also other decisions to the local nation.

Management, 11th Edition by Stephen G. Robbins & Mary Coulter

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Types of International Organizations (cont. )

• Global Organization - a great MNC that centralizes managing and other decisions in the home region. • Transnational or Borderless Organization - an MNC in which manufactured geographical barriers are eliminated.

Management, 11th Edition by Stephen P. Robbins & Mary Coulter

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