Motivation Elements in Dark Tourism

Determination Factors in Dark Travel and leisure

Circumstance: House of Terror



The Teachers of Tourism and Food

Degree Programme in Tourism and

Hospitality Management

Nature and Soft Excitement Tourism

Bachelor's thesis

Spring 2010

Titta Niemelä Lahti School of Techniques

Degree Programme in Tourism and Hospitality Management

NIEMELГ„, TITTA: Motivation Factors in Dark Travel and leisure:

Case: Home of Terror

Bachelors Thesis in Nature and Soft Excitement Tourism, 43 pages, 6 appendices Early spring 2010


Dark travel and leisure is a multi-layered mixture of background heritage, travel and tragedies. Humanity continues to be interested in the conclusion of existence since the moments of pilgrimages. In contemporary world the individual have been isolated from your end of life as well as discussing it truly is considered taboo. Why do people go dark sights associated with fatality and struggling if even talking about all of them is so hard? The House of Terror art gallery in Budapest, Hungary, is an excellent example of a dark travel attraction. That stands like a monument for the memory of those held attentive, tortured and killed in the building within the Nazi plus the Communist reigns during along with the Second Globe War. Opened on Feb . 24th in 2002, the museum uncovers the horrors of the two cruellest devices of the twentieth century so as to draw people's attention to understanding the sacrifice intended for the freedom in Hungary – and supplying the visitor an opportunity to consider the balance of life and death. The core with this study should be to find out which in turn factors stimulate tourists to go to dark travel attractions and, especially, to visit the House of Terror art gallery. The theoretical context will present the definitions of travel and leisure with its subgroups and, specifically, dark travel and leisure. Motivation in tourism will be also reviewed. The useful part of this kind of thesis involves designing and implementing a client questionnaire to get the House of Terror art gallery. Dark tourism is a special type of dental appliance of tourism business which doesn't charm to everybody but comes with an important role in delivering info and using the past to provide. According to the quantitative survey in the home of Dread, the most effective motivating aspect was educational: People go to the museum in order to get information about the Ww2 and the web site's background. Mental and educational causes are strongly related to darker tourism along with seeking one's heritage, involving curiosity and searching for reminiscence. Visiting a dark interest can cause not merely strong thoughts but as well broader dialogue and contemplation about the dark side of history and humankind. Key words: darker tourism, determination, tourism, quantitative research Lahti TABLE OF CONTENT



2 . 1 History of the Museum 3

installment payments on your 2 Area 4


3. one particular Definitions six

3. two Subgroups of Tourism 6


4. 1 Death and Contemporary Contemporary society – Even as we shall live so we need to die? 9

4. 2 Definitions and Labels 10

4. several Dark Sights 11

5. 3. one particular A Dark Tourism Spectrum 12

4. 3. two Seven Dark Suppliers 13

4. 4 Seeking Risk in Safety 12-15


a few. 1 Classifications and Designs 18

5. 2 Inspiration in Travel and leisure 20

five. 3 Motives in Dark Tourism 25



almost 8 CONCLUSIONS forty

8. you Valuation from the Research 40

8. two Self analysis 42



Why does death fascinate people? Humanity has been thinking about the ending of life since the moments of pilgrimages and before. Both roman gladiator tournaments and open public executions with the Middle Ages were normal situations according to the norms of the culture of that period. Nowadays death is considered taboo, frightening and uncontrolled issue. Despite it is inevitability – and its requirement for the circle of life – the final stopping of life is experienced since unpleasant and a hard subject in public...

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