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As the well-known international enterprise, Walt Disney business has achieved a great achievement in its oversea project. The company set up Disneyland in Japan, France and China consecutively, sequentially. But it completed different plans according to different areas. The statement will evaluate the motives of preparing abroad. And define

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Executive summary----------------------------------------------------------------(2) 1 . Introduction---------------------------------------------------------------------(4) installment payments on your Different economic investment methods in offshore Theme park 2 . 1 Tokyo Disneyland--------------------------------------------------------(4-5) 2 . 2 Paris Disneyland------------------------------------------------------------(5) installment payments on your 3 Disney Theme park in Hong Kong---------------------------------------(5) 3. Exterior environment

3. one particular Disney in Japan--------------------------------------------------------------(5) a few. 1 . 1Culture factors of success

several. 2 Disney theme park in Paris----------------------------------------------(5-6) 3. 2 . 1Conflict between two different dialects

several. 2 . 2Different food traditions caused difficulty

three or more. 2 . a few Legal elements

3. 2 . 4 Changes

3. 3 Disney in Hong Kong----------------------------------------------------(6-7) three or more. 3. one particular Culture element

3. three or more. 2Different food culture triggered trouble

three or more. 3. several Adjustments

4. New Disneyland in Shanghai--------------------------------------------------(7) some. 1 Geographic location

four. 2 Free market

5. Conclusion-----------------------------------------------------------------------(8) six. Recommendations--------------------------------------------------------------(8)

1 . Launch:

The full term of the world famous Disney is a Walt Disney Company, given its name its creator Walt Disney. It is a large international business with its headquarter in Burbank of America. Its key business includes entertainment program production, theme parks, toys and games, books, computer games and multimedia networks. Modern-day Disney is definitely engaged not only in animation film industry, but also in many industries since Disney watch, Disney adornments, Disney dirndl, Disney tote, Disney fitting, Disney filled toy, Disney electronic item and so on. Because most people had in the past Disney cartoon films, most industries Disney invested had been prize simply by customers and won productive business regulators.

installment payments on your Different monetary investment strategies in international Theme park 2 . 1 Tokyo Disneyland

Tokyo Disney is the most visited theme park in the world. Also it is the only Disney park medication dosage not held by Walt Disney Business. Actually, in the early of 1970s, Japan had recommended a joint venture plan with Disney Company but the prepare had not end up being accepted due to two major reasons. The reasons are since follow:

The first purpose is that it is a tremendous wager for Walt Disney Business to place Disneyland in Japan. It was the 1st time theme park outsides the United States and huge tradition differences among east and west thus they do not find out whether Japanese people can undertake American culture well. In the mean time, Japan can be described as developed nation. There are plenty of theme parks and they can be potential competitors for Disney.

Furthermore, the account of capital operation is additionally a key difficulty to Walt Disney Business. According to James(2003), the cost of constructing a theme park in capital will very likely be highly high that it will generally be more than hundred million us dollars and it will price over 7 years before going back cost. Even though the Walt Disney Company has just completed the construction of the Orlando Disneyland in Florida at the same time. Therefore , the business was faced with a shortage of funds that it is difficult for the company to collect a great deal money to make the theme park.

Especially these causes, the Disney company turned down to make joint...

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