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14. 1 An expanding Human Population

! Ecology – research of the conversation among

creatures and among organisms and

their environment

Chapter 14

Is the Human

Population Also


Populace Ecology

! _______________ – all the individuals of a

species within a given place


16. 1 An increasing Human Population Human population Structure

13. 1 An increasing Human Population Population Structure

! Estimating size of population is the most

simple task. Foule can be measured

in a variety of ways

! Mark-recapture

1 Investigator captures 75 beetles in

a pitfall, marks each with a few drops of


! Basic _______________ – all people

counted (humans, trees)

! ___________-_____________ – several

individuals stuck, marked released, note

quantity of marked people in later


a couple of After seven days, a pitfall is set again,

resulting in a captured group of

noticeable and unmarked individuals.

several Total inhabitants is approximated as

similar to the percentage of

marked persons in the second trap.

Figure 13. you

14. one particular A Growing Population Population Structure

14. one particular A Growing Population Population Progress: An Overview

! Inhabitants dispersion – how a population is

allocated in space.

! Clumped – high densities in resource-rich areas, low

densities anywhere else

! Uniform – spacing between individuals is often


! Unique – no compelling characteristic pushing individuals

together or perhaps apart

! Archaeology have been in a position to estimate the

size of human population to regarding

____________ years ago

! Human population can be an example of exponential


! Exponential growth is proportion to population size

! As inhabitants grows, progress also boosts

1999: six billion

1970: 4 billion

1930: a couple of billion

1850: 1 billion dollars

Dawn of Christianity: two hundred fifity million

Agricultural era: a few million

Silk empire: 95 million

Human being populations (billions)

2007: 6th. 6 billion dollars


Determine 13. 2

Figure 13. 3

! In the past, human...

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