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Farrington Heights is usually an unsigned rock band influenced by the songwriting tradition of Eraserheads, Beauty, The Beatles, and Aerosmith. They believe that a band is merely as good as the song that they write and a good song, like any masterpiece of design, should have life blood.

Farrington Levels is comprised of brothers Aristotle " Atari”Santos (rhythm guitar) and Aries " Reese" Santos (lead guitar). Following being impressed with one among his youthful brother's songs, Reese decided to put some business lead guitar lines to Atari's raw, audio compositions and things only sparked involving the two of all of them. They made a decision then and there that they can should form a group and put all their music to everyone. Somehow, Jonas " Matt " Dela Cruz, Reese's college buddy and former strap mate only came back by his stint singing in Korea and they immediately recruited him because their vocalist. The trio published online advertisements at a nearby music community forum to complete their series and that's in which they met bassist RJ Erese and drummer Dennis Cervantes.

Since then, Farrington Altitudes have been consistently playing around Metro Manila and some of their most notable gigs were whenever they played inside the same invoice as Razorback (Jack TV: Boombox Live), opened intended for Bamboo (Jack TV: Jackstock Festival), opened up for Sugars Hiccup's record tour, and the most recently guested in ABS-CBN's Music Uplate Live.

Farrington Heights also have guested by Mellow 94. 7's premier program Lady Talk early this year. Early this year they may have recorded all their second 3-song demo entitled " The End Of Reason" which can be listened to at http://www.facebook.com/farringtonheights. Their first 3-song demonstration, " The Billboards Along The Highway, " is also designed for listening exact same web page. Video clips of the band can be viewed for http://www.youtube.com/farringtonheights. Around this time, 4 other unique English music and two new Tagalog songs happen to be yet being recorded.

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