Fazione 7

 Essay upon Gruppo several

The Design Philosophy and Works of Gruppo 7

Seen in the Rationalist Activity in Italia after WWI

Antonino Spatafora


Farhana Sharmin

Desk of Articles


Unione 7's New Views1

Design and style 1: The Novocomum3

Design 2: Odaie del Fascio4

Design several: Cassa Elettrica6



Appendix 110


" The practice of architecture begins as a process of style, involving a variety of aesthetic and cultural concerns, and proves as a means of construction thoroughly connected with economical and material concerns. The study of architectural history, therefore , provides a unique opportunity to gauge the relationship between the social and monetary dimensions of modernization. ” [1] One of many key moves that was found in Italy after WWI was the Rationalist movement which usually broadened the scope of recent architecture by formulating crystal clear strategies for working with the industrialization and the urbanization of Italia. The movements illustrates different aspects of the response of Italian language architects towards the challenge of creating in the twentieth century. In 1926 the Gruppo several emerged and was one of many architectural groups during the Rationalist movement. The Gruppo 7 was made from seven small architectural students at the Politecnico in Miami. The associates of Gruppo 7 include – Sebastiano Larco, Guido Frette, Carlo Enrico Rava, Luigi Figini, Gino Pollini, Giuseppe Terragni, and Adalberto Libera [2]. This paper will certainly focus especially on 3 architectural types of Gruppo 7 which include the Novocomum, Locuinta del Gruppo, and Casa Elettrica. Throughout the design viewpoint and performs of Unione 7 their three styles demonstrate how the Gruppo six was afflicted with post WWI cultural, personal and interpersonal issues plus the designs demonstrate how they maneuver from the neo-classical into their view of modernist architecture that had not been found before. Unione 7's System Views

In order to understand how the three architectural varieties of Gruppo several demonstrate the concept of modernization in Italy throughout the rationalist movement, it is important to understand Gruppo 7's personality and objectives. As Gruppo several emerged through the rationalist activity the two share the same characteristics and aims. Gruppo six was planning to architects and places away from Italy for new inspiration. Fazione 7 was greatly influenced by the Swiss-French architect Votre Corbusier. They took aspects of Le Corbusier's designs such as the use of tangible slabs, stainlesss steel, columns and integration between inside and out of doors of the building into their individual architectural sights. Gruppo several believed that architects ought to work with new materials plus they should sensitize themselves together with the style of the brand new architecture [2]. They did not want to equate structures with equipment or to decrease the act of design to calculations and mechanical formulations. Instead that they wanted to explain that type was not the same thing as solution. Type can always change because distinct functions and forms can be added to a similar type. As well, Gruppo six addressed the void of the relationship between historical and contemporary executive languages simply by trying to maneuver away from neo-classical to modernist architecture. Gruppo 7 had not been trying to transform or break tradition; rather they assumed that tradition should modify for the brand new and the present [1]. Tradition should change to fulfill current issues and to fulfill the needs of society. Unione 7 has not been trying to modify Italian traditions or the Italian identity unfortunately he trying to adapt the international style in Italy and Italian structures. Gruppo several did not reject the idea of national spirit indicated through system style, they did however believe a manipulation of a group of forms based on the structure of the previous would blind architects and the auto industry to the accurate role of architecture, which is to give type to the soul of the era [1]. Gruppo several also assumed that...

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