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Examination of Fresh fruit and Veggie Juice for Their Acidity

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Lavanya. M Gnanavel Mani XII - B (Chemistry Teacher)


We express my own gratitude to our Correspondent Shri. S. Namashivayam and my personal gratitude to our Principal Smt. L. Sarumathy and to each of our vice Main Smt. Latha of our institution for their continuous support and encouragement.

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Material Needed

Chemical needed


Test, Observation and Inference



To analyse a lot of fruits & vegetables drink for the contents present in them. В


Produce are always an element of balanced diet plan. That means fruits vegetables provide our body the primary nutrients, my spouse and i. e. Carbs, proteins, minerals and vitamins. Again their particular presence during these is being indicated by some of our standard observations, like -freshly lower apples become reddish dark after some time. Explanation for it is that iron within apple gets oxidized to iron o2. So , we could conclude that fruits and vegetables contain complex organic and natural compounds, pertaining to e. g., anthocin, blattgrun, esters(flavouring compounds), carbohydrates, nutritional vitamins and can be tested in any fruits or veg by removing out it is juice after which subtracting that to various checks which are for detection of different classes of organic substances. Detection of minerals in vegetables or perhaps fruits means detection of elements besides carbon, hydrogen and o2. В


Check TubesВ


Litmus paperВ

Laboratory reagentsВ

Various fruitsВ

Vegetables juicesВ


pH indicatorВ

Iodine solutionВ

Fehling answer A and Fehling answer BВ

Ammonium chloride solutionВ

Ammonium hydroxideВ

Ammonium oxalateВ

Potassium sulphocynaide solutionВ


The fruit drinks are made water down by adding unadulterated water to it, in order to remove color and to make this colorless so that color modify can be conveniently watched and noted down. Now evaluation for meals components are taken down together with the solution. В






Test out for level of acidity:

Take 5ml of orange juice within a test pipe and dip a pH paper in it. If pH is less than 7 the juice can be acidic different the drink is standard. The ph level comes out to be 6th.

Orange drink is acidulent.

Test for Starch:

Take 2 ml of juice in a check tube through adding few drops of iodine solution. This turns green black in color than the starch exists. Absence of green black in color.

Orange colored juice can be acidic.

Evaluation for Sugars (FEHLING'S TEST):

Take a couple of ml of juice and 1 cubic centimeters of Fehling solution A & B and boil it. Red precipitates indicate the presence of generating sugar like maltose, glucose, fructose & Lactose. Not any red colored precipitates received.

Carbohydrates absent.

Test pertaining to Iron:

Take 2 ml of drink add drop of conc. Nitric acidity. Boil the answer cool through adding 2-3 drops of potassium sulphocyanide solution. Blood reddish colored colors shows the presence of iron. Absence of blood vessels red color.

Flat iron is missing.

Test for Calcium:

Consider 2 ml of drink add Ammonium chloride and ammonium hydroxide solution. Filter the solution also to the filter add 2 ml of Ammonium Oxalate solution. White-colored ppt or milkiness signifies the presence of calcium supplements. Yellow precipitate is attained.

Calcium is present.


From the table given behind it can be conducted that a majority of of the fruits & vegetable contain carbs &...

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