Smart Phones

 Smart Phones Article

Title: Mobile phones in our life

Creator: Sharifah Alabdulmohsin

Student Amount: A00179874

The date: 16 -2-2012

Academics: Eimear Kelly and Miriam Croke


This kind of report looked into Smartphones in our daily life. Ten respondents were given a survey to resolve eleven concerns. The main locating was most students have a Smartphone and spend regarding two hours every day. A lot of people used their particular Smart phones intended for games, music and media. It was figured about the huge benefits and disadvantages of Smart phones such the main benefit it is a way to contact people plus the main downside it is expensive. Also, Smart phones are a foreseeable future phone for the reason that number of Androids user increases.

The suggestions are that students should benefit more from their Androids in their research. In addition , companies should decrease the price of Smart phones.



Literary works review5








1- Backdrop

The history of this issue is the rise in make use of new technology like a Smartphone as a way of intended for communication and using a large number of programs.


The objectives with this report are to know:

1-What is a Smartphone.

2-Popularity and market share of Smartphones.

3-The advantages and disadvantages of Smartphones.

Scope: This survey will look at how AIT students work with Smartphones. The study was restricted to the questions in the survey.

Literary works review

1-What is a Smart phone?

A Smart phone is a kind of modern tools and it is the most up-to-date generation of mobile phone which can be more than a cellphone due to it really is multi task facilities and implementations. A Smartphone includes a digital camera and interactive courses. The website, Tech-faq (2012) says that " a Smartphone is a small , and all-in-one products that is used to get communication and computing function and allow users to choose the application that they wish to install and use to suit their way of living and their job” (Smartphone). This suggests that using a Smartphone might make people's life easier, for example it helps people to organize all their time by utilizing some courses such as diary and laptop. Also, people use their particular Smart phones for a lot of other applications. In fact , 61% of people use their cellular phone for game titles, 55% for weather, fifty percent map/search, 49% social networking and 33% intended for entertainment (Infographic: Mobile Stats, Stats & Facts, 2011). This displays the different uses of Smart phones. 2-Popularity and market share of Smart phones.

Today there are many people applying Smart phones and the popularity improves day by day. Your blog. Nielsen(2011) feels that " the research in United Express in 2011 discovered that 43% of the human population uses a Smartphone and 59% uses feature phones” (Generation App: 62% of Mobile phone Users 25-34 own Smartphones, 2011). The reason why for this development of having Smart phones first of all, these phones are easy to employ. Secondly, it really is suitable for all generations. The graph inside the Blog. Nielsen(2011) describes that the rates of men and women using smart phones with different categories of ages between thirteen years and 60 five years are elevating with the passage of time coming from 2010 to 2011 (Generation App: 62% of Portable Users 25-34 own Smartphones, 2011). Finally, there is big competition between companies that produce smart phones and they make an effort to advertise for their product to sell more of them and encourage people to buy smartphone mobile. By Blog. Nielsen(2011) they believe 43% of individuals have Google android smart phones, 28% have Apple I mobile phone (ios), 18% have CASING Blackberry, 7% have Windows mobile and 4% have other telephones (Generation Application: 62% of Mobile Users 25-34 very own Smartphones, 2011). This demonstrates the importance of smart phones as well as the tendency to own it.

3-The benefits and drawbacks of Smartphones.

Today, marketing and sales communications with other people...

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