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Assignment Title: The effect of Failures on the Body Systems Lecturer: Madge Waite-Stewart

Assignment simply by: ANDREA MURRAY

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A malfunction in the human body program indicates the fact that organs are certainly not working effectively or efficiently. There are different diseases and illnesses that may affect the heart such as stroke, heart attack, bronchial asthma and high blood pressure. I will be outlining how a myocardial infarction affects the cardiovascular system. This will make the cardiovascular system not function properly and in addition weaken the organs and can even cause loss of life. The heart beats on average 70 times one minute to push bloodstream around the body system. Like any busy muscle, the heart cells need a great supply and flow of blood off their blood vessels, that happen to be called the coronary arterial blood vessels. A myocardial infarction occurs on the time caused by not eating correctly e. g. eating burgers/fatty foods. As well, a lack of work out can lead to a myocardial infarction and fatty material that built up inside the arteries associated with blood flow limited. The blood circulation slows down as well as the amount of oxygen lowered in the blood and it will certainly not reach the vital organs in the body. The clot, frequently caused by rupturing or ripping of plaque in an artery, is sometimes known as coronary thrombosis or a coronary occlusion. The clot may then block the supply of blood vessels running throughout the coronary artery, triggering a myocardial infarction. Some of the symptoms of a heart attack will be:

2. chest pain: the chest can easily feel like it is being pressed or perhaps squeezed by a heavy target, andВ pain can radiate from your chest for the jaw, throat, arms and back 2. shortness of breath

* sense weak and/or lightheaded

* mind-boggling feeling of anxiousness

Many people have a heart attack with out any symptoms (a " silent" myocardial infarction). A silent MI can occur in anyone, nonetheless it is more prevalent among people with diabetes. A heart attack is actually a true medical emergency. After a heart attack, quick treatment to open the obstructed artery is vital to lessen how much damage. At the first signs of a heart attack, call for emergency treatment (usually 999). A good time to treat a heart attack is one to two several hours of the first onset of symptoms. Waiting longer increases the problems for your center and reduces your chance of endurance. Keep in mind that upper body discomfort may be described in many ways. It can occur in the upper body or in the arms, back, or mouth. If you have symptoms, take notice. These are all warning sign of heart disease or myocardial infarction, seek medical treatment immediately.


The Risk Elements of Heart Attack You Can Control:


•High blood pressure

•High blood cholesterol

•Overweight and obesity

•An unhealthy diet (for model, a diet high in saturated excess fat, trans fat, cholesterol, and sodium) •Lack of regimen physical activity

•High blood sugar because of insulin level of resistance or diabetes

Raise the risk Factors of Heart Attack You Can't Control:

•Age. The risk of heart disease increases for a man after era 45 and for women after age 55 (or following menopause). •Family history of early on heart disease. If the father or perhaps brother was diagnosed with heart problems before 55 years of age or your mom or sister was diagnosed with heart disease prior to 65 years old. •Preeclampsia (pre-e-KLAMP-se-ah). This condition can develop during pregnancy. The 2 main signs of preeclampsia really are a rise in blood pressure and surplus protein inside the urine.


The program Treatment After Leaving A healthcare facility

Some people spend several days and nights in medical center after a heart attack. When they keep hospital, treatment doesn't stop. Some of the ‘at home' treatment may include daily medicines and cardiac treatment (rehab). Individuals that stuffer myocardial infarction need to follow a diet composed of whole grains, berry and vegetables, lean meats and a limited quantity of heart...

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