Work-related Safety and Health and Risk. B. Health

BUSN150 – Last Exam

1 . В Which of the following hypotheses has been asserted to be most reliable when working with issues on downsizing during an organization? В a. В Social contract model of CSR.

w. В Corporate nationality model of CSR.

c. В Enlightened self-interest type of CSR.

d. В Individual sense model of CSR.

2 . В Since employers cannot be responsible for offering an ultimately safe and healthy place, discussions about these factors center aroundВ a. В the touchable risks faced by the employees.

b. В the relative dangers faced by workers.

c. В the comparable cost of coverage of health for the organization. d. В the optimum secureness against office risk graph.

3. В Which among the following approaches to health insurance and safety in the workplace will be considered paternalistic in decision-making? В a. В Health and safety as government-regulated ethics.

b. В Health and security as beliefs.

c. В Health and protection as satisfactory risk.

m. В Health and safety while market manipulated.

4. В The threat of payment acts as an incentive for employers to maintain a reasonably safe and healthy work environment environment most in the situation where the approach toВ a. В health and security is as acceptable risk.

b. В health and safety can be as an ideal.

c. В health and safety is government-regulated ethics.

d. В health and protection is market controlled.

five. В В The enlightened self-interest type of CSR would be a valuable theory to introduce and apply at which among the following ways to workplace protection and overall health? В a. В Health and safety while market manipulated.

b. В Health and safety as beliefs.

c. В Health and protection as satisfactory risk.

deb. В Health and safety since government-regulated values.

6. В Which among the subsequent approaches to workplace safety and health requires the birth of a child with serious birth abnormalities to ensure that a similar circumstance would not repeat? В a. В Health and protection as values.

b. В Health and basic safety as suitable risk.

c. В Health and safety because market handled.

d. В Health and protection as government-regulated ethics.

several. В В In the government-regulated values approach to workplace health and security, _____ could be applied to overcome market failures that derive from the lack of information. В a. В experience

m. В standards

c. В ethics

deb. В creativity

8. В According to which among the subsequent techniques, might OSHA always be persuaded to aim for an optimal, and not, the highest possible, level of security? В a. В Risk analysis analysis

m. В Cost power analysis

c. В Cost affectivity analysis

d. В Cost benefit analysis

on the lookout for. В Identify the distinguishing characteristic between cost-benefit analysis, and cost-effectiveness. В a. В Cost-effectiveness is a longer procedure to implement.

n. В Cost-effectiveness uses ethical requirements before environment the standards. c. В Cost-benefit analysis uses economical criteria in setting the standards. d. В Cost-effectiveness uses economic criteria before setting the criteria.

10. В Which among the next industries work with cost-benefit examination while treating health and safety as a great instrumental value common? В a. В Financial industry

m. В Insurance market

c. В Automotive industry

m. В Marine industry

11.  Why has the U. S. Section of Commerce negotiated a ‘Safe Possess exception'?  a.  U. S. required to qualify because having enough protection in accordance with the EU savoir on personal data safeguard. b.  Because it's naviero fleet is the best in the world.

c. В U. S. wants to collaborate with EU's free marketplace profits. deb. В The law requires that most imports meet the Safe Harbor standards.

doze. В New technology does not necessarily impact each of our _____, nevertheless instead simply provides new ways to gather information about which to base them. В a. В moral commitments

b. В value judgments

c. В responsibilities

m. В ethical viewpoints

13. В If one's personal data on emails is highly regarded as house, using the example of Google, it can be said thatВ a. В Google scans users' e-mails with their consent.

m. В users understand that individualized advertisements will be possible simply...

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