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Our guides are savoring unquestioned popularity and have been liked in evaluations of renowned newspapers and magazines. Genuineness of text matter, great production, amazing presentation as well as the affordable price of books happen to be four basic reasons for this kind of popularity. The goal of 'World-Famous Series' is to broaden the mental horizon of the average audience by channelising his know-how and thoughts to worldwide happenings. This guide under the series is a number of mysteries — consisting of 26 such confusing mysteries which are still unsolved despite the pace of modern discoveries. The publication explores male's cherished common myths such as the legendary land of Atlantis, an unending look for an Eldorado whose platinum was past imagination and also other fascinating wondrous megaliths just like Stonehenge, Pyramids, etc . In addition, it peeps in the most secret world of spirits, vampires, the walking dead and creatures, including Cale?on Triangle, U. EO., and so forth The language continues to be kept simple and lucid even though the authentic photos make the publication a reader's delight. — Publishers


1 . installment payments on your 3. four. 5. 6. 7. eight. 9. 10. 11. 12. Atlantis: Heaven Lost? Haunted people Eldorado—A golden fantasy O l m at the c t: The creators of the American civilization? Who had been queen of Sheba? Task U. Farreneheit. O. The mysterious flat iron pillar T h at the secret of Tutankhamen's mummy T l e tropics of Angkor P S i9000 I — T l e scientific research of knowing the unseen Capital t h elizabeth secret of Mayas T h e mysterious Inca treasure 9 16 3 28 thirty-two 37 43 45 49 53 58 63

13. 14. 12-15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. twenty-three. 24. 25. 26.

Is a earth downsizing? The unidentified message of Nazca drawings Is there a second life? Cale?on Triangle—Is that a reality? The stones which will speak of previous artistry The navel of the world The beauty Of pyramids Black hole of Siberia Scythians—The wonderful warriors Was Sahara wilderness ever green The ignored voyagers from the new world Which was the initially city of the earth? Teotihuacan, where gods were living Magic healing

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